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ONE MORE EVENT CONCEPT is a product of Multiple Fusion Ltd, which specializes in events and focuses on personal and collective development. An exceptional programme of 7 coaching steps in order to have success in business is at your personnal and team disposal.


Our training helps you discover your global anatomy


We train and equip you to obtain a good Health and Lifestyle. Only with a good health you can accomplish your dreams and live a purpose filled life…


We help you understand your emotions, your emotional intelligence and that of others. This is one of the reasons why our training brings real transformation in people’s life…


Your spirit is the key to lead you destiny. But you need to understand clearly how to develop muscles, and the power of your imagination, by changing your paradigm…


You need the environment. This is why each of us needs to participate in the protection of the planet. We will teach you about the different color codes in the society…

The 7 Steps Success Program

The 7 Steps Success is a Personal Development Program that:

  1. BRINGS OUT the best from you and your team: Iron sharpens iron!
  2. HELPS YOU to develop greater leadership and how to train your team.
  3. TEACHES YOU how to invest in yourself and make a bigger impact with your team.

What about the 7 steps?

You will learn about :

  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Mindset
  • Strategy
  • P.P.P.P
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Network
  • Time Management & Productivity

What is the best for you and your team?

Satisfied Customers

“I believe Nelson Noël’s experience and expertise will continue to inspire this generation and generations to come all over the world! I will not hesitate to recommend him because I have known him for more than 25 years.”

Junior Mathéo

CEO, Matheo Infrastructuras SRL

“Dr. Nelson Noël has a unique and different view of life. He is the initiator of GLOB-ICLIB BILLIONAIRES. His coaching style is deeply organized and based on global understanding of human anatomy such as the body, soul, spirit and environment.”

Alberte Fortunat

MBA Professor & Leadership Trainer

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