GLOB-ICLUB BILLIONAIRES aims to share knowledge and new opportunities, by promoting worldwide Solidarity Economy initiatives.



Personal Development

Your business is important for us.

That’s why we are able to manage, help you invest in yourself and your team.
Personal development is our job. This service can be offered to individuals, businesses, organizations, members of the Clergy, politicians and people in all sectors of influence.
We are able to inspire project leaders, decision-makers and influencers of today and tomorrow.
We are more focused on growth, knowledge and the revelation of human identity, we are also able to provide you with keys and secret codes that will allow you to achieve success in all the areas of your life.



International Cooperation

We develop strategies

That help you grow your business and connect you with global network.
We are thus creating a new dynamic by using on one hand new tools, and on the other hand promoting new opportunities on the international market through financial investment via GLOB-ICLUB BILLIONNAIRES.
We also facilitate new validation through other networks. Each year we propel new citizens in the spotlight. We are by so doing, responding to the need to improve the participation of civil society in building tomorrow’s society.



Solidarity Economy Investment

We help and support our customers to

Increase and make use of the money in their possession. This is the reason why we offer more than one person an opportunity to be part of the Glob-Iclub Billionnaires.
Our professional team of experts take care of future plans and help you to know how to invest and make your money working for you.
Glob-Iclub Billionnaires is a real platform for international business men and women, who essentially aspire in the investment and application of our Solidarity Economy system.



Civility Business in the Marketplace

We provide long term strategies

And inspire a new business philosophy, mindset and policies.
The lack of civility is the cause of loss of billions of euros every year in the corporate world and many layoffs.
The lack of civility can also affect families, living together in community, internal and external policy of a nation, of a local government. Lack of civility can also be the cause of instability.
We are experts who are willing to help you in your professional communication. We assist by helping you to build your network, enterprise philosophy. We are also there to train your team in genuine civility culture ; by showing you how to attract more potential clients.

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