International cooperation & governance

Dr Nelson Noel in dialogue with the Mayor and entrepreneur José DUBRULLE, of the city Thivencelles, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, to promote the Solidarity Economy Initiatives and the World Solidarity Economy Day.

© photo Lucia Soccio


“I created the anual World Solidarity Economy Awards Day on June 17Th, which is also the day of my anniversary. This day is especially created to encourage decision makers and entrepreneurs worldwide, who contribute to the Solidarity Economy model, that we call the purple economy, to make the world a better place.” Dr Nelson NOËL

Multiple Fusion Ltd is pleased to create this year the WORLD SOLIDARITY ECONOMY DAY, in order to honor all entrepreneurs, decision makers, influencers, project leaders and actors who essentially value in their actions the philosophy, art and culture of the “Solidarity Economy”, hence what we call through Multiple Fusion LTD the new model of the “Purple Economy”.

Multiple Fusion LTD is a company with a capital of 50 000 000 euros, located in London, UK and in the United States, and with many bridges in the world.

This implies that through the afore mentioned initiative, we give awards to those in their actions and initiatives, deciding to create an impact of economic and social well-being at the level of a City or at the international level. 

Distinguished nominee,

Multiple Fusion Ltd company gives you this award with great honor & pride and once again congratulates you for making the world a better place through your excellent actions and innovations. Remember, you are an extraordinary leader for the world and especially for your community.

Multiple Fusion Ltd company vous decerne ce prix avec honneur, fierté et vous félicite une fois de plus, de rendre le monde meilleur par vos excellentes actions et Innovations. Rappelez-vous, vous êtes un leader extraordinaire pour le monde et en partuculier votre communauté.

La compañía Multiple Fusion Ltd le entrega este premio con honor, orgullo y una vez más lo felicitamos por hacer del mundo un lugar mejor a través de sus excelentes acciones e innovaciones. Recuerda, eres un líder extraordinario para el mundo y especialmente para tu comunidad.

16th June, 2021, Multiple Fusion Ltd Global Team